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Andrew Schwarz, Writer/Director



Degrees: BA Film Production, BA Music Composition (Hofstra University 2014)


Location: Glendale, CA (15 minutes from Hollywood)



An extremely hard-working and passionate writer and director, Andrew Schwarz graduated from Hofstra University in 2014 with a dual degree in Film Production and Music Composition. He is a director of rare diligence and precision, with a flare for detail and a hunger for discovering new and exciting ways to tell interesting stories.

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Andrew has always appreciated the alternative, the mysterious, and the fascinating aspects of narrative. He is absolutely dedicated to telling stories that are informative, intelligible, unique, literary, creative, and eye-opening. He lives, eats, and breathes cinema, his ultimate passion, and is remarkably friendly yet formidable, as well as easy to work with, yet never afraid to respectfully speak his mind.
Being a gay filmmaker and a proponent of decency, Andrew also believes in diversity and fairness within the craft of filmmaking. He firmly adheres to a policy of always maintaining dignity and moral integrity, and always works hard to extend the utmost respect to everyone he works with or works for.

2010 - present
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